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Because we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers, the following is a list of features and how to access them, as well as some different ways to get in contact with us!Everybody's talking about our voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone service, and we thought we'd like to let you in on a few of the great features it offers. Take a look:Caller ID/3-way-calling/Call Waiting--These features are no my stery to users of traditional landlines; it's certainly useful to see who's calling on your phone's display before you answer. Three-way calling is also included so you...
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VoIP Feature Codes

VoIP Feature CodesCodeFeature Description*70Call Waiting Activate*71Call Waiting Deactivate*72Call Forward Activate(Listen for prompt then enter phone number to be forwarded to.)*73Call Forward Deactivate*78Do Not Disturb Activate*79Do Not Disturb Deactivate*97Retrieve Voice MailRemote retrieval: (Dial phone number during greeting press *)*413Wake-UP CallPlease remember to enter times with a leading zero (for example, 0630 for...
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