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Press Release: FuzeCore Partners with UTOPIA

West Valley City, Utah October 14, 2008 -- The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency ("UTOPIA") today announced that FuzeCore LLC will provide broadband Internet and VoIP telephone services to business and residential customers on UTOPIA's Open Service Provider Model fiber-optic network.

"We are pleased to welcome FuzeCore as a service provider for customers in UTOPIA cities," said Todd Marriott, UTOPIA's Executive Director and CEO. "FuzeCore is a great addition to the roster of service providers bringing choice to UTOPIA cities for their broadband products and services. FuzeCore brings solid experience in voice and Internet services and their addition to UTOPIA's portfolio of service providers continues to demonstrate the value of the open access model. It provides great opportunities to both the citizens of Utah who are fortunate to be UTOPIA members, as well as the providers.," he added.

Tim McClanahan, President of FuzeCore said "We are impressed with the speed, capacity and the skilled support team of the UTOPIA network and the opportunity it provides for us to serve customers in Utah. We are excited to offer our Internet, phone, tele-conferencing and support services over this future-proofed network. We share UTOPIA's vision of offering the best possible service to our customers and look forward to expanding our service area into the UTOPIA cities."

The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency is a consortium of 16 Utah cities engaged in deploying and operating a fiber-optic telecommunications network within their communities. UTOPIA's key mission is to provide a competitive marketplace for telecommunications services for citizens of member cities. UTOPIA's Open Service Provider Model provides the physical infrastructure while private sector companies compete to provide internet, voice, video and other services over that infrastructure. This allows residents and businesses to choose from a number of providers, each setting their own competitive rates.

UTOPIA is the only network in Utah that connects customers' homes and businesses directly to fiber-optic lines with no copper or wireless connections. This allows digital signals-- Internet, voice and video-- to travel at the speed of light directly to and from the premises, providing speed and bandwidth copper and wireless networks cannot provide. UTOPIA is also unique as Utah's only open network, giving customers the opportunity to choose between a variety of competing service providers who deliver their services over the UTOPIA network.

FuzeCore is headquartered in Pocatello, Idaho and has been serving businesses in Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Washington and Utah since 2005 with local and long-distance VoIP telephone service, high-speed Internet, VoIP phone systems, wholesale carrier service and IT consulting services.

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For FUZECORE: Misty McClanahan
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