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What does technology and fitness have in common? Most would say "nothing". I have a different opinion. As one of the owners of FuzeCore, fitness has been a major part of my life since I was young. As I balance work, family and fitness year after year, I recently had the thought that I should try to merge these parts of my life. I did this once before, when I was in college. As I was studying software engineering at Idaho State University, I became involved with the ISU chapter of AITP. I organized a basketball clinic to raise funds for our organization. The other members and I joked that we were a bunch of computer nerds putting on a basketball clinic. I, however was completely qualified to organize and run a basketball clinic having played basketball at Boise State University previously and being raised in a family where my Father played professional basketball.

Recently I have discovered how much I enjoy running. Last year I finished two marathons. My claim to fame is that I finished. I don't like to mention my time. However my second marathon was faster than my first, and I hope to follow that pattern. My enthusiasm has began to rub off on Tim, FuzeCore's Co-Owner and my husband as he is enjoying participating in 5 and 10K's.

One of our Techs, Randil, proved last year that a "computer geek" can run a half marathon, even with little training. Although we don't recommend this for everyone, or anyone. We also have avid bikers (that would be road bikes & mountain bikes, the kind you have to pedal), rock climbers and weight lifters here at FuzeCore. We even have a survivor of a MMA "Cage Fight".

So what does technology and fitness have in common? At a glance, nothing. My goal is to help you see how importance fitness is, even if your life revolves around technogy. How to fit fitness in, and how to use today's technology to make fitness fun, and help you be successful with your goals.

My goal is to get the others here at FuzeCore even more enthusiastic about fitness and hopefully they will share their experiences and tips for training as well.

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  • 3 years ago

    Does this mean we all have to start running to work? :-)

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