GeoSpatial Scanning


FuzeCore uses an integrated approach to scanning, georeferencing, and document management. Through this customized method, our unique process provides an exceptionally cost effective workflow, which delivers spatially enabled raster data-sets that are indexed into an enterprise level database management system.

Our GeoSpatial Scanning processes utilize the industry's leading scanning technologies; incorporating large format flatbed and/or roll-fed scanners (depending on document and project requirements). Additionally, our georeferencing components follow "best-practice" standards — delivering accuracy, compatibility, and integration.

Work Process

FuzeCore employs customized technology that integrates scanning, inventory, document management, and georeferencing into a seamless work process. Scanning initiates and builds an enterprise level database management system that is used to inventory information for document management efforts. As the inventory is created, in real-time, FuzeCore implements a uniquely customized approach that uses industry-leading technology to process digital map documents and associate reference points to real-world coordinates. Post processing of digital documents is followed by developing an approved deployment system, so that data managers and users can access and analyze data as needed. This systematic approach is overseen and reviewed by IT/GIS professionals to ensure best-practice technology implementations and deliverable outputs.

Services & Software

Services: These work processes can be supported directly or indirectly. FuzeCore will provide training, education, and oversight to administrators to facilitate the development and implementation of these work plans. Additionally, FuzeCore will deploy and setup specialized software which will enable trained users to scan, georeference, and integrate the document management system.

Software: FuzeCore's GeoSpatial Referencing software is a unique and proprietary set of tools that views scanned map documents and provides tools to a user – allowing the user to define map document points of reference to real-world locations. This will allow any mapping application to read the processed map documents and correctly position them relative to other known layers.


Market Standards/Expectations: In general, the market for scanning and georeferencing is quite varied, but can range from $5.00 USD to $50.00 USD for either service exclusively. FuzeCore recognizes the value of these services and has approached the combined work process with innovative technology to significantly enhance the feasibility and efficiency of the processes.

Support Services: FuzeCore offers a varied level of support, depending on the needs of the project. Therefore, based on specific training and support requirements on project need basis, FuzeCore will negotiate candidly for appropriate compensation.

Direct Services: For standard combined services of scanning and georeferencing, FuzeCore markets on the basis of a fixed rate, fair market price per map.

Software Leasing: For leasing contracts, FuzeCore will allow for the use of the GeoSpatial Referencing software for a fair-market price.

Contact us if you are interested in getting a quote for either direct services, or software leasing.


GeoSpatial Scanning & Georeferencing is an integrated work process which involved document handling/management, digital processing, georeferencing, and QA/QC. FuzeCore has developed a workflow and user-friendly software that enables an agency to feasibly address the needs of historical map document management and display. FuzeCore is excited about this innovation, and looks forward to working with your group to implement these processes.

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